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A multi-sensorial experience for oncology patients and staff

Solutions for a sustained sense of calm during the course of the procedures
After the patient is injected with radiopharmaceutical materials, they are often left alone in the uptake room, a time that is often characterized by anxiety and uncertainty. Our solutions are designed to help patients achieve a sustained sense of calm during the course of the procedure.

For patients who are scheduled to undergo an exam, the anticipation of a diagnosis can be intensely stressful. Nowhere is this more appropriate than in the world of oncology.

Our Experience Consulting team can help you craft your entire nuclear medicine department, including areas like entrances, corridors, waiting rooms and nursing stations to meet the specific requirements of your healthcare facility.

We can customize and enhance staff productivity and workflow efficiency with consulting solutions from strategic planning to comprehensive designs and implementation of technology.

These custom, patient-focused details help set your hospital apart from competition – allowing you to attract and retain not only patients, but also talented professionals.


Learn how we can support your oncology rooms with Ambient Experience solutions.

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Transforming healthcare into human care


Learn more about the unique benefits Philips Ambient Experience solutions can bring to your patients' care.


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