PAP Travel Briefcase PAP travel briefcase

PAP Travel Briefcase

PAP travel briefcase

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PAP users can travel with ease when carrying their sleep therapy system. The Philips Respironics PAP travel briefcase offers the only customized, all-in-one option for PAP users wanting to travel with their sleep therapy equipment, a laptop and small carry-on items neatly, securely and discreetly.

Easy for airport screening process || Easy airport screening process

Easy for airport screening process

The sleep therapy device can stay in the PAP briefcase (unless specific airport TSA regulations require otherwise).
Easy to use || Stylish and discreet; professi

Easy to use

The PAP bag holds a sleep therapy device and its accessories snugly in place in padded compartments. The laptop and laptop accessories fit securely in their own bag. The two bags zip together and unzip easily so either bag can be carried separately.
Plenty of storage space || Easily transported alone or wi

Plenty of storage space

Zippered compartments hold other small travel items such as books, a phone, a tablet device, etc. The luggage strap can be positioned over the handle of a roller suitcase easily.


PAP travel briefcase
PAP travel briefcase
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