Diamond Select MR system

Diamond Select Achieva 3.0T

MR system

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The Diamond Select Achieva 3.0T X-series is designed to provide excellent performance for all clinical applications in routine daily use. You can also take advantage of superb image quality and speed for specific exams.

FreeWave || Excellent performance

FreeWave for fast scanning

With modular 32-channel architecture, FreeWave is designed to handle the large data streams of high resolution imaging (with matrices up to 2k x 2k). 4D-TRAK, k-t BLAST and other acceleration methods deliver fast scanning.
Patient-friendly gantry || Enhanced comfort

Patient-friendly gantry to improve patient comfort

The X-series magnet boasts a full-size 50 cm FOV and a short, patient-friendly gantry that measures only 157 cm end to end. It’s the only one that does. Combined with the X-series integrated body coil, peripheral MRA and total body multi-station exams can be performed without sacrificing patient comfort.
Refurbishment process || Best practice refurbishment

Refurbishment process provides like-new condition

Each Diamond Select system is factory refurbished and can be customer configured with the latest compatible software upgrades. To maintain the high standards set by Philips and meet your stringent performance requirements, all Diamond Select systems undergo a thorough five-step refurbishment process.
X-series integrated body coil || Excellent performance

X-series integrated body coil for extra quality and speed

The advanced design of the new X-series integrated RF body coil delivers high SNR, low SAR, minimal dielectric effects and excellent RF uniformity. This unique combination enables excellent body imaging and fast scanning without SAR limitations.
ExamCards || Simple operation

ExamCards give you quick, easy and consistent MRI exams

An ExamCard contains all the scans required for a complete MR examination in one easy-to-use file that can be downloaded directly into a Philips MRI scanner. The easy way to eliminate the dead time of loading protocols and planning scans.
SmartExam || Proven solutions

SmartExam brings consistency and reproducibility

SmartExam is a huge step forward in simplifying brain, spine and knee exams. It provides fully automated planning, scanning and processing in a single click for about 70% of your typical daily caseload.
Award winning program || Best practice refurbishment

Award winning program means winning performance

Philips Refurbishment program is winner of a Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award for Product Quality Leadership (2010). This underscores the quality and care that goes into each of our Diamond Select systems.
X-series gradient system || Excellent performance

X-series gradient system for industry-leading performance

The exclusive X-series Quasar and Quasar Dual gradient systems offer industry-leading performance with excellent linearity to match a large 50 cm FOV. The Quasar Dual gradient system enables two performance levels with gradient amplitudes up to 80 mT/m or slew rates up to 200 mT/m/ms.
High throughput || Excellent performance

High throughput for fast return on investment

This system will begin to repay you from day one, thanks to the platform’s proven ability to increase patient throughput. In various institutions up to 50 patients are scanned per day, some with time slots of less than 15 minutes.
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