NeuroSuite All Interventional neurology in one room


All Interventional neurology in one room

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Philips introduces the NeuroSuite featuring the Allura FD20/15 interventional X-ray system. This integrated solution is designed to enhance your treatment capabilities and support more effective device guidance and placement in every procedure.

AlluraClarity with ClarityIQ: Achieve... || KBA

AlluraClarity with ClarityIQ: Achieve 73% reduction in dose

A clinical study from Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden proved that AlluraClarity with ClarityIQ technology can reduce the patient entrance dose by 73% for digital subtraction neuro-angiographic exams, without a loss of image quality.
Next generation 16 bit flat detectors... || KBA

Next generation 16 bit flat detectors: Never before seen details

AlluraClarity FD20/15 pairs a 20 inch 16 bit detector with a 15 inch 16 bit lateral flat detector. This technology makes the intricacies of complex malformations & less radio-opaque flow diverters and intra saccular devices fully visible.
PerfectFit FD20/15 detector design: F... || KBA

PerfectFit FD20/15 detector design: Full access and brain coverage

The PerfectFit design allows the FD15 detector to be positioned close to the patient’s head, covering the head from Cranium to Cervical 3*. This results in high quality images at low X-ray dose.* In 95% of the patient population.
AneurysmFlow: Enhances insight into c... || KBA

AneurysmFlow: Enhances insight into cerebral aneurysm

AneurysmFlow is designed to provide relevant information right after deployment based on quantification of blood flow changes. This supports clinicians in assessing the impact of devices, such as flow diverters, on blood flow right away.
Enhanced VasoCT: Unmatched spatial re... || KBA

Enhanced VasoCT: Unmatched spatial resolution

See small intracranial devices in the vessel context and vessel morphology at the perforator level with unmatched spatial resolution. Our 16 bit FD20 detector technology enhances device and contrast imaging and improves our VasoCT tool.
AlluraClarity with automatic motion c... || KBA

AlluraClarity with automatic motion compensation: Removes skull and motion artifacts

AlluraClarity automatic motion compensation corrects for skull and motion artifacts, automatically and in real-time. This is particularly important when placing small devices at the base of the skull.
Neuro Head Holder: Fewer retakes for ... || KBA

Neuro Head Holder: Fewer retakes for restless patients

Patient and operator protection are designed into the Our Neuro Head Holder provides features to restrict head movement, thereby reducing background motion artifacts in DSA and roadmapping. Visualizations are further improved through our stable Xper table and automatic motion compensation.
Multi-modality image guidance: Suppor... || KBA

Multi-modality image guidance: Supports confident navigation

Roadmap Pro, 3D Roadmap, and MR/CT Roadmap options offer state-of-the-art guidance in 2D and 3D that can save time during procedures. Application-specific settings can enhance visualization of challenging devices or materials.
2D Perfusion: Easily identify perfus... || KBA

2D Perfusion: Easily identify perfusion differences

Our 2D Perfusion software visualizes the flow of contrast through vessels and the organ parenchymal enhancement over time in a color coded image. By comparing the left and right hemisphere you can easily identify perfusion differences.
FlexVision XL display: Zoom images a... || KBA

FlexVision XL display: Zoom images at full resolution

Comfortably view images of brain vasculature at the capillary level in 2D and 3D without changing position thanks to the enhanced viewing angle and SuperZoom on our FlexVision XL 58” display.
Advanced Conductive Cooling: Consist... || KBA

Advanced Conductive Cooling: Consistent imaging performance

In our next generation detector technology, our exclusive Advanced Conductive Cooling technology channels the detector’s heat away from the X-ray generator to avoid temperature fluctuations that can affect image quality.
New imaging capabilities for stroke w... || KBA

New imaging capabilities for stroke workflow: Supports all aspects of stroke treatment

Today a large proportion of stroke interventions are performed on a Philips system. Our AlluraClarity FD20/15 supports all aspects of stroke treatment. Dedicated neuro tools include XperCT Dual, VasoCT, MR/CT Roadmap, 2D Perfusion etc.
  • * Blanc R, et al, Intravenous flat-detector CT angiography in acute ischemic Stroke management, Neuroradiology, 2012 Apr 54(4):383-91. Epub 2011 May 31.
  • ** This material is not intended to be viewed in the USA.
  • *** This product is based on open source software. Details of the open source software, license and copyright can be found here.
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