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Toward a model of personalized medicine

Cancer incidence and related healthcare costs continue to grow. There is a big need to diagnose and treat patients in efficient settings with a focus on the best care. The key? You must combine using the best imaging and therapy capabilities, patient experience and lowest cost with the goal to improve patient outcomes. 


We help make this possible with tools and services for accurate first time right decision-making imaging, fast supporting right decision-making tools and enable targeted, patient-specific therapy. With Philips, the future of personalized oncology is within your reach.


Recent Trends

Rising threat

In 2008, cancer counted for 7.6 million deaths around the world. By 2030, this is projected to exceed 13.1 million.


Economic drain

Cancer has the most devastating economic impact of any cause of death worldwide - €662 billion in 2008 (not including direct costs of treating cancer). That’s 1.5% of global GDP.

Three imperatives to combat these trends

1. Definitive diagnosis

Characterize or stage a patient’s disease accurately and completely, the first time. Integrate with therapy.


2. Precise therapies
Target patient-specific cancer using imaging‐based or integrated therapy. Improve long-term outcomes while minimizing side effects.


3. Efficient delivery

Optimize workflows to drive down cost of care and boost throughput, while improving patient experience.

1. Definitive diagnosis


Targeting higher precision and lower costs for prostate biopsies

UroNav, an image-guided stereotactic biopsy system, has the ability to improve the sensitivity and specificity of prostate biopsies. It has the potential to reduce false negatives and speed up diagnosis, which can make a life-saving difference to patients.

O-MAR metal artifact reduction algorithm analyzes your image, finds the threshold for metal, identifies the metal artifacts and applies the corrections in a series of iterations.
At LabPON, Hengelo, Netherlands digital pathology allows clinicians to benefit from improved logistics, advanced analytics, and targeted diagnostics.

2. Precise therapy


MR-only simulation for prostate RT planning*

Based on your need for higher precision RT planning and more streamlined workflow, we are integrating MRI into CT-based RT workflows to develop the first MR-only simulation solution for RT, thereby enhancing the accuracy of delineating targets and critical structures.

*Is not commercially available in all countries but definitely not research anymore.

Tap into the real power of MRI simulation. Create 3D density maps based on MR imaging alone. The first application is prostate, harnessing MRI’s soft-tissue contrast for RT planning purposes.
In Utrecht, The Netherlands, see how image-guided High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) provides cancer therapy with fewer side effects and reduces the need for surgery.

3. Efficient delivery


Comprehensive breast cancer management

By focused on the needs of customers and consumers around the world, we’ve develop breast cancer management solutions across the continuum of health to improve patient outcomes, provide better value, and expand access to care.

See how one cancer center creates a patient-friendly healing environment to improve the clinical workflow and empower patients.
For fast, comfortable mammograms with excellent image quality, Dr. Helmut Klein of Steyr, Austria, has chosen our MicroDose SI system. He’s combined it with Philips Affiniti ultrasound and Ingenia MR, to create a comprehensive breast-imaging program.

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Apr 24-28, 2015 • Barcelona, Spain

ESTRO 2015

Visit us at ESTRO 2015 where we’ll showcase new solutions that increase workflow automation, confidence, consistency, and accuracy in cancer treatment.

Oct 10- 14, 2015 • Hamburg, Germany

EANM 2015

See how we transform care at EANM ’15 by providing low dose molecular and hybrid imaging, enhanced lesion detectability, and simplified collaboration.