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Our journey to create the future of health care can only succeed by partnering with forward-thinking organizations and people around the world who share the same vision. With our partners, we look beyond technology to the perspectives of the people at the heart health care, and co-create opportunities to transform the way care is experienced and delivered.


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Georgia Regents Medical Center

Georgia Regents Medical Center

Georgia Regents Medical Center (GRMC) has formed a multi-year, transformational alliance with Philips to facilitate innovative and affordable patient-centered care.


Together, we are creating a new model for addressing the current and future clinical, operational and technology needs of GRMC’s multiple facilities, which collectively serve four-to-six million people.

Banner health

Banner Health

Banner Health, one of the largest nonprofit hospital systems in the U.S., continues to collaborate with Philips on better ways to serve its mostresource-intensive patient populations. Through our coordinated telehealth programs, Banner is providing enhanced care to complex, high-cost patients while managing risk and maintaining profitability.

University medical center

University Medical Center, Zurich University Hospital, Utrecht

Philips’ collaboration with medical centers in Zurich and Utrecht is transforming care in cardiology and oncology. Through technological advancements in imaging and image guidance, we are enabling surgeons to perform minimally invasive procedures in place of open surgery and in some cases, any surgery at all.

Saudi Ministry of Health

Saudi Ministry of Health

Working with the Ministry of Health, we continue to bring complex, state-of-the-art imaging informatics to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Today, Saudi hospitals are effectively addressin gradiology needs as fully digital, networked, patient-centered facilities.

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