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Connecting care from the hospital room to the living room

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Wearable technology and cloud computing connect patients and providers like never before

Philips and Radboud university medical center have unveiled the first application developed for the recently launched HealthSuite platform, in collaboration with, through which patients and providers are connected in new ways.


At the Dreamforce 2014 event, Philips introduced a wearable diagnostic prototype for COPD patients, showing how a digital health device monitors and feeds patient health data into the cloud-based platform. Working with clinicians at Radboud university medical center, the prototype shows how data is collected from patients in the home, and is accessible by both clinicians in the hospital and patients themselves on a mobile device.


Through the platform’s two clinical applications—eCareCompanion and eCareCoordinator—clinicians can get a more complete view of the patient’s condition, and patients can be more empowered to take control of their own health.

Beating the clock – completing the 90 minute mission

See the COPD prototype in action above. For additional information, read the press release.
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Philips at Dreamforce '14        

Philips at Dreamforce '14

See how we connected with the 140,000 attendees at Dreamforce '14 and learn more about HealthSuite eCareCoordinator and eCareCompanion.

Experience the potential of patient empowerment

Giving patients access to their own data

Giving patients access to their own data, and being able to share it with their family and care-team, is an exciting new reality in connected care.

Patient's health measurements

Between doctor visits, the patient’s health measurements are captured by the sensor and tracked by the app.

The clinician has access to the same data

Meanwhile, the clinician has access to the same data, so providers can make adjustments to treatment between visits.

Patients can easily share their data with specialists and family

Patients can easily share their data with specialists and family, so everyone involved in their care has a complete picture of their condition.

Connecting care from hospital to home


Our solutions span the health continuum, from living a healthy lifestyle through to supporting care at home. Our HealthSuite platform and eCare applications are designed to help people maintain their health outside the doctor’s office, and help providers make better informed decisions for their patients. Learn more about our approach to the health continuum here.

Transmit vital ECGs directly to the hospital ED

Enabling faster, easier application development

Imagine being able to develop apps across the entire health continuum on a single, cloud-based platform. Our HealthSuite platform enables strong collaboration and efficient workflows, and simplifies the integration of data from multiple sources, including electronic medical records (EMRs); diagnostic, imaging and monitoring equipment; and personal devices. It’s a platform designed to be highly scalable, with built-in privacy and data security.


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Public API

See how our public API allows for faster, easier development of applications, leveraging proprietary clinical algorithms on health and behavior patterns.

Real-time insights for both providers and patients

For clinicians

eCareCoordinator supports population health management by providing clinicians with a daily review of each of their patients, allowing them to prioritize patients and adjust care plans or intervene as needed. The application gives clinicians real-time access to both objective health data – like vital signs, blood pressure and weight – as well as subjective responses collected via health questionnaires and other communication with the care team about the patient’s status.

For patients

The eCareCompanion application serves as the patient portal, driving patient engagement and self-management. The personalized application is accessed via a tablet, and allows patients to answer questions about their health and enter measurements to stay connected with their care teams. Its ability to connect with medical devices, such as a home scale, oximeter, blood pressure meter and medicine dispenser, enables a deeper insight into one’s health. The application also proactively reminds them of pre-assigned health tasks, like taking medications, to encourage adherence and better outcomes.

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