SureSigns Vital signs monitor

SureSigns VSi

Vital signs monitor

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Spot checks are easy and affordable with the Philips SureSigns* VSi monitor. Providing basic vital sign monitoring in a portable and reliable package, the VSi is intuitive to use and works easily with your network.


SureSigns VSi monitor
SureSigns VSi monitor
monitor width
  • 18.4/8.1 cm/"
  • Oscillometric using stepwise deflation pressure
NBP (2)
  • Adult measurement range Systolic: 30 to 270/4.0 to 36.0 Diastolic: 10 to 245/1.3 to 32.7 MAP: 20 to 255/2.7 to 34.0 Pediatric measurement range Systolic: 30 to 180/4.0 to 24.0 Diastolic: 10 to 150/1.3 to 20.0 MAP: 20 to 160/2.7 to 21.3 Neonatal measurement range Systolic: 30 to 130/4.0 to 17.0 Diastolic: 10 to 100/1.3 to 13.3 MAP: 20 to 120/2.7 to 16.0 The NBP measurement has an accuracy over the ranges listed for the values Maximum Standard Deviation: 8 mmHg and Maximum Mean Error: ±5 mmHg
  • Measurement Range: 0 to 100 Accuracy depends on sensor %
  • Modes: predictive and monitored. Probe sites: oral, rectal or axillary Range: Monitored mode: 26.7-43.3°C (80-110°F) Predictive mode: 34.4-40.6°C (93.9-105°F) Accuracy: ±0.1°C (±0.2°F) in monitored mode °
  • Lithium ion 10.8 to 11.1 V, 2150- 2300 mAhr operating time: <gt/> 4.5 hours making 20 NBP and SpO2 measurements every 4 hours
Data output
  • HL7 format via Ethernet port Serial data
Patient type
  • Adult/Pediatric/Neonatal
SureSigns VSi monitor
SureSigns VSi monitor
monitor height
  • 20.5/7.2 cm/"
monitor weight
  • including battery, temperature module and wireless option: 1.7/3.8 kg/lbs
  • WQVGA TFT-AM LCD display: 10.9/4.3 cm/"
SureSigns VSi monitor
SureSigns VSi monitor
monitor depth
  • 15.0/5.9 cm/"
  • * Adapter cables required
  • ** Not available in all markets
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