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Avalon FM40

Fetal monitor

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Avalon FM fetal and maternal monitors are Philips first and only to offer automated coincidence detection (cross-channel verification) using Smart Pulse to measure fetal & maternal heart rates separately, enhancing diagnostic confidence.

Extensive fetal parameters || Advanced clinical decision sup

Extensive fetal parameters when key information is needed

For more complex cases, the Avalon FM50 fetal monitor offers external and internal fetal parameters. These include ultrasound, fetal movement, direct fetal heart rate, Toco and intrauterine pressure, as well as maternal blood pressure, pulse rate, ECG, and Sp02.
NST Trace Interpretation || Advanced clinical decision sup

NST Trace Interpretation to improve efficiency

Built-in NST Trace Interpretation, a clinical decision support (CDS) application for antepartum monitoring, can help to improve efficiency by sorting out the traces that require closer analysis by the obstetrician.
IntelliSpace Perinatal connectivity || Continuous flow of information

IntelliSpace Perinatal connectivity for continuous care

The Avalon FM50 fetal monitor connects to IntelliSpace Perinatal, Philips obstetrical surveillance and information management system. This supports the continuum of care from the first antepartum visit to delivery, postpartum, newborn nursery, discharge, and postpartum follow-up visits.
Large, intuitive color display || Intuitive and easy to use

Large, intuitive color display clearly shows status

The luminous color display has large numerics and graphs so you can easily view maternal and fetal ECG waves.
Smart Pulse || Advanced clinical decision sup

Smart Pulse for automated coincidence detection

Smart Pulse provides cross-channel verification. It monitors all fetal and maternal heart rates to allow for automated maternal pulse detection via the Toco MP transducer without the need to monitor maternal SpO2 or ECG separately.
Triplet monitoring option || Versatile and comfortable

Triplet monitoring option expands capabilities

Only the Avalon FM series can monitor triplets on a single monitor using the same ultrasound frequency. This allows one monitor to be used for a wide range of clinical needs.
Reliability features || Continuous flow of information

Reliability features provide additional support

With the Avalon FM series, you have the confidence of continuous data with a backup memory, battery operation, and LAN interface, combined with smart transducers and a color touchscreen.
Smart transducers || Intuitive and easy to use

Smart transducers to simplify operation

The smart transducers have auto-recognition and "Finder LED" that automatically see which transducer is plugged in. When the transducer is plugged in, the screen layout automatically displays data in the correct format. This simplifies operation for caregivers.
Variety of readings || Advanced clinical decision sup

Variety of readings for comprehensive understanding

This antepartum and intrapartum monitor provides a wide range of readings. These include separate maternal pulse measurement; integrated monitoring of maternal pulse rate and blood pressure; external monitoring of fetal heart rates, uterine activity, and fetal movement; and an extensive set of internal fetal parameters such as direct fetal heart rate and uterine pressure. Maternal SpO2 monitoring is included as standard.
External touch display option || Versatile and comfortable

External touch display option for flexibility

The optional external touch display gives caregivers flexibility in placing the monitor where it can be easily viewed by family members and caregivers.


Estágio de cuidados
  • Antepartum
Tipo de paciente
  • Fetal and maternal
Formato de Ondas
Formato de Ondas
Waveform display
  • MECG
Visor de tela de monitor
  • 6.5 in/16.51 cm
Operação de tela de toque
  • Standard
Parâmetros fetais externos
  • US/Toco
Capacidade de gêmeos
  • Standard
Capacidade de Trigêmeos
  • Optional
Parâmetros fetais internos
  • N/A
Parâmetros maternais
  • Pulse, MECG, NIBP, Sp02
Tecnologia Smart Pulse
  • Standard
Verificação de Canal Cruzado
  • Standard
Perfil de movimento fetal
  • Standard
Interfaces PS/2
  • Optional
Sistema de interface (opcional)
  • Serial, LAN
Video out interface
  • Standard
Rear interface for Avalon CTS
  • Standard
External touch interface
  • Standard
Timer NST
  • Standard
Interpretação de sinais NST (opcional)
  • Up to three Fetal Heart Rates (FHR)
Armazenagem de dados
Armazenagem de dados
Buffer de dados
  • Up to one hr
Weight of system
  • <lt/>19.8 Ibs/<lt/>9.0 kg
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