Unificação dos dados dos pacientes

Unify patient data

Better informed decision making


The role of the pathologist is transforming, as the treatment of cancer evolves. Personalized treatment options demand a more precise diagnosis. Collaborative involvement to obtain and integrate relevant information from different disciplines is necessary to achieve this goal.


Developing treatment plans requires access to related patient information from multiple sources (EMR, LIS, PACS). We are an enterprise solutions provider, capable of helping you foster a multidisciplinary, digital environment across your entire organization.

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Multidisciplinary team meetings have increased awareness among other health professions of the specialty of pathology and its important role in the management of cancer patients.”


Kamel, Hassan MH, Trends and Challenges in Pathology Practice, 2011


You can know more

You can know more


Pathologists are integral team members
Utilizing digital data generated across your diagnostic departments promotes better clinical outcomes. Pathologists have more information to work with when interpreting cases and can easily share knowledge.

Improve decision making

Towards integrated cancer care


Pathology is a critical element of Tumor Boards
Precision diagnostics for personalized treatment requires multidisciplinary, multi-site involvement. IntelliSite’s ability to share, discuss, and coordinate care using a unified virtual network of clinical data may hold the key.

We are uniquely postioned

We are uniquely positioned


Our oncology solutions are developed in collaboration with caregivers like you and redefines the way cancer care is delivered. Fully integrated tools and services available today, open the pathway towards accurate, first time right decision-making and targeted, patient-specific therapies.


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Essentials of digital pathology

  • Digitalizar o seu fluxo de trabalho

    Digitalizar o seu fluxo de trabalho

    Organize e reveja rápida e facilmente uma grande quantidade de exames histopatológicos.

  • Interligação da equipa

    Interligação da equipa

    Interligue as pessoas e as localizações, de modo a permitir a partilha de recursos histopatológicos especializados.

  • Obtenção de novas perspetivas

    Obtenção de novas perspetivas

    Uma das grandes vantagens da patologia digital consiste na possibilidade de se analisarem grandes conjuntos de dados clínicos.

What is IntelliSite Pathology Solution?

IntelliSite is an automated digital pathology image creation, management and analysis system comprising an ultra-fast pathology slide scanner, an image management system and case viewer, this is complemented by advanced software tools to manage the scanning, storage, presentation, analysis, and sharing of information.


IntelliSite speeds and simplifies access to histopathology information across your organization and beyond to help your staff work more efficiently. IntelliSite is the innovative pathway for the pathology world, advancing towards predictive health management, and ultimately better patient outcomes.


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What is IntelliSite Pathology Solutions