MobileDiagnost wDR

Mobile digital radiography system

With MobileDiagnost wDR, the story of DR access and flexibility from Philips continues. MobileDiagnost offers premium solutions for quality images and excellent X-ray dose management. Delivering DR where you need it, when you need it.

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High frequency generator
Mobile unit
1380 mm L x 670mm W x 1980mm H (54.3" L x 26.4" W x 78" H)
Wheel base
611mm (24.1")
0 - 5 km/h (0 - 3.1 mph)
Focal point distance from floor
max 2020 mm (79.5"); min 550 mm (21.7")
Focal point distance to column
max: 1250mm (49.2"); min: 700mm (27.5")
Tube column rotation
approx. 315 °
MobileDiagnost wDR Performance
20 kW
mA range
10 - 320 mA
mAs range
0.1 - 500 mAs
Exposure times
0.001 - 10 sec
MobileDiagnost wDR High Performance
40 kW
mA range
10 - 500 mA
mAs range
0.1 - 500 mAs
Exposure times
0.001 - 10 sec
Tube and collimator
Tube type
High speed tube with dual focal spots
MobileDiagnost wDR Performance focal points
0.3 / 1.0
MobileDiagnost wDR High Performance focal points
0.7 / 1.3
Collimator type
Collimator with SID laser indication and built-in filter disk
SkyPlate wireless portable detectors
Digital Cesium Iodide (CsI) flat detector
Detector size
35 cm x 43 cm (14"x 17")
Image matrix size
2330 x 2846 pixel
Image resolution
up to 3.38 Lp/mm
Click-on grids
r= 8:1; fo = 1300 mm (51.2") in portrait or landscape orientation
Weight typical
2.8kg (6.2 Ibs)
Pixel size
148 µm
Matrix depth
16 bit/pixel
Eleva user interface
17" touch-screen monitor
Typical time to display preview image
5 sec
Image storage
up to 4,000 images
Generator control
integrated into graphical user interface; more than 600 pre-programmable settings (APRs)
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