Unique X-ray image Processing Software


X-ray image Processing Software

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UNIQUE is an application-driven post processing software that delivers consistently uniform clinical image quality for all anatomical regions by adjusting the balance between overexposed and underexposed areas. The result is a quality X-ray image, containing all diagnostically relevant information.

The difference between a good and exc... || KBA1

The difference between a good and excellent image

UNIQUE harmonizes contrast levels, bringing detail to very dark and very bright regions. In the ICU it’s vital to show the position of catheters and tubes accurately while still being able to see the lungs. In a pediatric setting, it‘s important that fine bone structure is reproduced in a high quality image. UNIQUE image processing allows for excellent visualization to enhance the physician‘s diagnositic possibilities.
Optimization on all levels || KBA1

Optimization on all levels

UNIQUE’s post-processing algorithms provide for dynamic range adjustment based on region-specific analysis. First, the original image is split into multiple sub-images. Next, each sub-image is processed and optimized for its respective structure size. Lastly, UNIQUE recombines the processed sub-images into one single quality X-ray image.
Fast chest exam imaging || KBA1

Fast chest exam imaging

UNIQUE X-ray image processing pairs nicely with our SkyFlow technology for fast chest exams. When you choose to work without an anti-scatter grid, you can achieve the same contrast of a grid image with SkyFlow. With SkyFlow there’s no need to prepare the detector with an anti-scatter grid, just slide it into place and get the contrast of a grid image. The result is exceptional detail to help you more readily see NG tubes, devices, and wires, in contrast to the lungs.
Versatile patient size adaptation || KBA1

Versatile patient size adaptation

Sustaining quality for every exam, every patient is quite simple. UNIQUE features a flexible anatomic database with seven different image-processing parameters, set according to the size of your patient – from newborn to extra large adult. Selection is made automatically based on input from the Radiology Information System.
Automatic image stitching || KBA1

Automatic image stitching

UNIQUE image processing is applied not only to the two or three single images that are acquired, but also to the entire composite image. As result, the composite image is beautifully harmonized. There are no stitching artifacts visible and from top to bottom you’ll see nothing but a well-balanced image.
Personalized control || KBA1

Personalized control

UNIQUE automatically indicates, with a green mark, those areas requiring contrast adjustment. However, you can manipulate this to suit your patient’s need. Using the ‘ranger’ tool just point to a certain area or structure and place your own mark(s), thereby including it in the medical image processing.
Advancing the quality of care || KBA1

Advancing the quality of care

UNIQUE X-ray image processing software offers substantial benefits for all: less scheduling work for the radiographer, diagnostic confidence for the radiologists, X-ray dose management for the patient, and finally, more personalized care based on time saved through enhanced workflow. UNIQUE’s parameters are the same across our portfolio of radiography systems and detectors, and quality X-ray images can be viewed and evaluated from any suitable monitor, offering flexibility.
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