Radiation dose management

Radiation dose management
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DoseWise Solutions help you take control over patient care, staff safety, and regulatory compliance with a comprehensive suite of radiation dose management tools, training, and integrated product technologies.

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Unnecessary radiation exposure can adversely impact you and your patients. To avoid unnecessary risk, while certain imaging is performed, steps to gain control of radiation dose are essential. Adherence to a strong radiation safety program will help you achieve this goal. In order to achieve your goals you need strong partnerships to discover new tools and resources that can greatly accelerate your program. Access to educational materials, consulting services and the latest scientific opinions is critical to your facility to achieve its goals of a low-dose safety culture and continuous improvement operation. 

Action is required on several fronts:

  • Establishing radiation dose management goals
  • Educating clinicians and patients
  • Reviewing and reforming protocols/processes
  • Implementing safeguards
  • Complying with regulatory standards
  • Utilizing appropriate dose management techniques/technologies
Collectively it comes down to a way of working – a culture of safety that considers the careful balance between imaging that meets clinical needs and dose, for every exam, every procedure.

Introducing DoseWise Portal, combining tools and technology to help your organization better manage radiation dose for staff and patients


DoseWise Portal is a vendor-agnostic, web-based solution that collects, measures, analyzes, and reports patient and staff radiation exposure.


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Introducing DoseWise Portal, a vendor- agnostic, web-based solution that collects, measures, analyzes, and reports patient and staff radiation exposure.

Learn more

Learn more about DoseWise Solutions.

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Articles and insights in dose management


Dose management in the OR

Today’s complex minimally invasive procedures demand intelligent radiation dose management.

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Building a safety culture 

Discover the value in establishing a safety culture for dose management at your institution.

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Addressing the Joint Commission standards

You’ll need to track, record, and improve X-ray dose performance to comply with new regulations. See how DoseWise solutions can help.

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Is your CT Smart Dose compliant?

Avoid a 5% to 15% Medicare reimbursement reduction. Be sure your CT system meets the MITA Smart Dose CT XR-29 standard.

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Radiation dose management training and education


DoseWise Education

Our clinical education portfolio covers many dose management topics, including radiation physics, dose optimization, safety culture, quality and compliance.

Also get access to free tutorial videos for DoseWise portal, to help users and site managers get started navigating the software.
See courses and training

Helping you build a safety culture


Transforming your organization into a culture of radiation dose management safety for both staff and patients, can feel like a complex undertaking. Through our DoseWise Program, we partner with you to create a radiation dose management program that supports and empowers your staff, while helping you deliver quality in patient care. Combining tools and technologies to deliver real-time insights, we help you ensure a safety culture, so it becomes a valued part of your commitment to quality care.


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DoseWise products for radiation dose management


DoseWise Portal

Hospitals are discovering more effective ways to provide exceptional patient care. A critical component is strong radiation control and management. DoseWise Portal is a vendor-agnostic, web-based solution that collects, measures, analyzes, and reports patient AND staff radiation exposure, assisting you to make data-informed decisions, improve efficiency, and demonstrate a commitment to quality, satisfaction, patient and staff safety.

Computed Tomography

A suite of personalized dose management tools deliver virtually noise free images and reveal hidden information.

+ CT scanners

+ IQ and dose management

+ CT clinical tools


Interventional X-ray

Live Image Guidance and ClarityIQ technology helps achieve excellent visibility at low X-ray dose levels.

+ Allura Clarity with ClarityIQ
+ Veradius Unity
+ Veradius Neo mobile C-arm
+ DoseWise Allura


Single shot spectral imaging with unique Philips photon counting technology delivers excellent dose efficiency.

+ MicroDose SI

Diagnostic X-ray

From DR rooms to mobile systems, image processing tools and workflow advancements support dose management.

+ DigitalDiagnost
+ MobileDiagnost wDR
+ EasyDiagnost Eleva DRF

Molecular Imaging

Iterative reconstruction techniques and personalized acquisition control address your high IQ, low dose needs.

+ Vereos PET/CT
+ Ingenuity TF PET/CT
+ BrightView XCT



Balancing risk versus benefit – enhancing the exam


Technological advancements demonstrate how vital a factor imaging can be in reaching an confident diagnosis or treatment decision. Yet concern regarding the risk of radiation exposure is ever present. Driven by new legislation and concern from the public, the healthcare industry is addressing radiation dose management head-on.


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Radiation hazards in the interventional suite


Radiation exposure is necessary for life-saving procedures, but with it comes some risk. Patients and physicians are both exposed to high levels of radiation during fluoroscopic procedures. See some best practices for helping manage radiation exposure.


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The influence of dosemeter positioning on the measured eye lens radiation dose during the interventional procedure


One of the most critical parameters when monitoring the lens of the eye, is the position of the dosemeter and the use of the ceiling suspended screen.

Read more about the influence of dosemeter positioning on measuring the eye lens radiation dose during an interventional procedure.


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