PCR Computed radiography system

PCR Eleva S Plus

Computed radiography system

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With PCR Eleva systems you can digitize your conventional X-ray rooms. The single-slot PCR Eleva S Plus has a fast cycle time and enables good workflow and efficiency. It is suitable for normal-to-high throughput digital X-ray rooms.

UNIQUE image processing || Excellent digital image qualit

UNIQUE image processing for superb image quality

UNified Image QUality Enhancement (UNIQUE) is a multi-resolution image processing technology for all Philips computed radiography and digital radiography systems. This exclusive technology automatically delivers digital X-ray images of uniformly high standard by optimizing areas of varying density and contrast. UNIQUE image display can be set to your individual preference.
The Eleva Concept || Efficient workflow

The Eleva Concept for convenient workflow

To provide a more convenient and efficient workflow, all our digital radiography systems benefit from the Eleva concept. The intuitive user interface is identical across modalities, making it easy for many people to use. Automated, pre-programmed one-touch workflow gives fast results and consistent image quality. And of course it comes with state-of-the art IT and security standards. Simple to operate and easy to learn.
Versatile system || Flexible department setup

Versatile system supports a wide range of applications

PCR Eleva S Plus can be used for a wide range of applications. In intensive care units, it provides free exposure techniques and fast image transmissions. In trauma departments, where every second counts, S Plus offers fast and simple operation and the ability to view images within seconds to come to initial findings. For orthopedics, it offers you long image formats. In general X-ray, it shines with a wide range of projections and diagnostic requirements. PCR Eleva S Plus also supports dental applications.
Special application cassettes || Excellent digital image qualit

Special application cassettes for high-quality images in all situations

Philips PCR Eleva S Plus is compatible with a wide range of cassettes for general radiography and special applications like orthopedics. We also offer long cassettes, from 24 cm x 57 cm (10" to 23") to 35 cm x 124 cm (14" x 43") that contain two or three imaging plates. This provides excellent image quality in a wide range of situations.
Multiple networking options || Efficient workflow

Multiple networking options for sharing and communication

PCR Eleva comes with RIS connection, different DICOM functions, and optional PACS access. This helps you easily print and share images, update and communicate worklists, and access prior exams.
One reader per room setup || Flexible department setup

One reader per room setup minimizes walking distance

In this setup, each PCR Eleva S Plus system is linked to one Eleva workspot. This gives each digital radiography room complete, direct functionality. The reader-per-room setup minimizes walking distance and provides maximum department throughput with a dedicated reader per digital X-ray room.
Clustered setup || Flexible department setup

Clustered setup for full functionality in each X-ray room

You can cluster your PCR readers so that they can be used from each workspot in the cluster. The clinical images will be shown on the Eleva workspot which initiates the examination and all other readers can serve as alternate readouts or backups, offering increased flexibility and efficiency.


PCR cassettes
PCR cassettes
Special type
  • Special orthopedic and dental cassettes
Dynamic range
  • Very high
ID options
  • Space for barcode or label
  • Same size and shape as conventional film cassettes
  • Yes
Eleva workspot
Eleva workspot
  • 19" LCD color touch screen monitor or non-touch LCD monitor
Security rules
  • HIPAA compliant
Max number of workspots per reader
  • 8
Virus scanner
  • Integrated
Data input
  • Hardware or software keyboard, barcode scanner, and RIS connections
DICOM functions
  • WLM, MPPS, GSDF, Print, Image Export, Media
PCR Eleva S Plus reader
PCR Eleva S Plus reader
Cassette feeding unit
  • Single slot
  • up to 97 plates/hour
Readout resolution
  • 5- 10 px/mm (Standard Readout)
Cassette release time
  • 37s to 56s, depending on cassette size and type
Cassette types
  • Standard, dental, and orthopedic cassettes
Max number of linked workspots
  • 1 or 2
Scanning resolution
  • 100 µm or 200 µm (200 µm through either software re-sizing or high-speed mode). Optional 50 µm scanning with High Resolution (HR) cassettes and imaging plates for more details
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