Total face, oro-nasal and nasal interfaces

Respironics PerformaTrak with CapStrap

Full face mask

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The comfort and stability of PerformaTrak full face mask is now enhanced with CapStrap. Apply headgear first and then easily secure the mask to the patient's face. CapStrap headgear simplifies fitting, patient care, and mask reapplication.

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CapStrap headgear || Enhanced patient comfort

CapStrap simplifies mask application and patient care

The CapStrap makes the initial fitting quick and easy and allows the mask to flip up. It makes routine patient care easy and provides a secure, comfortable fit.
Comfortable seal || Enhanced patient comfort

Comfortable seal minimizes facial pressure

The PerformaTrak full face mask minimizes facial pressure while maintaining a good seal, even on the sensitive nasal bridge. The mask force can be adjusted at the bridge of the patient's nose, for a comfortable fit that enhances ventilation therapy.
Grab tabs || Easy to use

Grab tabs for easy headgear removal and adjustment

Grab tabs for easy headgear removal and adjustment.
Interchangeable elbows || Expanded treatment options

Interchangeable elbows for quick ventilator transitions

Quickly switch between single- and dual-limb ventilator circuits. Simply switch out the elbows connecting to the ventilator tubing. The choice of standard elbow for dual-limb systems and the entrainment elbow for single-limb systems allows PerforMax to work with noninvasive ventilators.
Dual-density forehead pads || Enhanced patient comfort

Dual-density forehead pads for comfort and stability

PerformaTrak features dual-density foam forehead pads for patient comfort and mask stability. The soft silicone material allows a lightweight design, reducing pressure on the sensitive nasal bridge.
Swivel clips || Easy to use

Swivel clips eliminate the need to refit after mask removal

Swivel clips eliminate the need to refit after mask removal.
Optional sealing pads || Enhanced patient comfort

Optional sealing pads minimize air leaks

The optional pads help create a better seal, minimizing air leaks and localized skin breakdown from nasogastric tubes.
Low-cost replacement headgear || Easy to use

Low-cost replacement headgear comes in two styles

Low-cost replacement headgear comes in two styles.