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Philips IntelliSpace Alarm Reporting gives you an end-to-end alarm management solution that can help you align with the Joint Commission's 2014 National Patient Safety Goal and focus your care efforts.

End-to-end solution || With you every step of the way

End-to-end solution to provide actionable information

Alarm management has been identified as the top technology hazard for healthcare organizations and is the subject of the Joint Commission's 2014 National Patient Safety Goal on Alarm Management.¹ Philips IntelliSpace Alarm Reporting gives you an end-to-end solution that can help you not only align with the Joint Commission's 2014 National Patient Safety Goal, but better focus your efforts, by offering baseline data and reporting, plus consultation, training, and education alongside your staff. Work with an experienced provider at the forefront of alarm management while reducing the risks and inefficiencies of this complex issue.
Best practices || Specialized information for ac

Best practices tailored to your situation

Philips IntelliSpace Alarm Reporting offers you an all-in-one option that tackles both sides of the situation. It’s easy to implement, with reports developed using best practices gained from years of alarm management expertise. Our experienced clinical specialists analyze the information and provide education and training for your team to do the same. We help set up protocols tailored to your organization, using insights gleaned from your individual patient population.
Custom reports || Specialized information for ac

Custom reports to identify trends in your information

Crafted with knowledge gained through years of helping customers with alarm management, IntelliSpace Alarm Reporting Tool includes customized reports to help you better understand the trends in your information. In addition to the raw data provided, these reports can offer a solution to many questions your team might have, including the following: Of my top 10 alarm types in the ICU, how many of them might be reduced by changing the default settings? What is the alarm load on my caregivers in the CCU? We've implemented a new policy that requires nurses to customize alarm limits to patient condition. Is this actually occurring?
  • ¹R3 Report Issue 5 – Alarm System Safety [internet]. The Joint Commission; 2013 Dec 11 [cited 2013 Nov 12].
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