Eleva User interface for X-ray systems


User interface for X-ray systems

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Designed for creating, processing, and transferring digital X-ray exposures, Eleva is an exam and patient-related automatic parameter setting control for our radiography and fluoroscopy systems.

Fully automated workflow || KBA1

Supports a fully automated workflow

Eleva is adaptable to the way you work and helps provide convenient and efficient patient care. By customizing and automating the imaging process, you can optimize exams for virtually every type of patient, from newborn babies up to obese adults. Enhance your departmental throughput.
Easy, intuitive to operate || KBA1

Easy, intuitive to operate

Using the Eleva workspot touchscreen it takes just three easy steps to get an image after exposure. All images and information are integrated into your hospital networks such as RIS/PACS and archiving systems through DICOM. Training time is short, benefits are immediate.
Simplifies exposure control || KBA1

Simplifies exposure control

All generator functionality is fully integrated into the Eleva workspot, saving you space and time. You can easily adapt exposure parameters by choosing from our pre-programed settings and applying them right from the Eleva workspot to enhance workflow efficiency.
The latest technologies || KBA1

Integrates with the latest technologies

With each Eleva release we provide integration with our latest technologies such as, SkyFlow (contrast enhancement for gridless chest exams), SkyPlate wireless portable detectors, ceiling suspended geometry, Windows 7 OS, and DICOM-DVD storage. Each update expands your capabilities.
One concept - multiple modalities || KBA1

One concept - multiple modalities

The Eleva interface is common across our radiography portfolio. You decide when, where and how to work, be it on a CR, DR, or RF system. Enjoy the advantages of flexible clustering of different X-ray modalities. You can even start several examinations from different modalities at the same time.
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