Efficia CMS200 Central monitoring system

Efficia CMS200

Central monitoring system

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As you strive to provide high quality care on a limited budget for large numbers of patients, a cost-effective way to centralize your monitoring can help. The Efficia CMS200 central monitoring system centralizes monitoring and secondary alarming, and enhances access to historical patient data, thus helping your staff work efficiently. When budget and quality matter, choose Philips Efficia.

Flexible and easy to use for Efficia || kba1

Flexible and easy to use

The Efficia CMS200 lets you display waveforms, parameters, and alarms for up to 32 patients. You can configure the layout of the pages and sectors, to make it easy to access the information from networked Efficia CM and SureSigns VM¹ patient monitors. In addition to viewing patient physiological data in real-time, you can also review it - including all the waveforms in full disclosure - from up to the previous ten days.
Cost-effective central monitoring || kba1

Cost-effective central monitoring

Philips Efficia CMS200 offers low total cost of ownership and reliability with a quick-to-learn, intuitive user interface. The Efficia CMS200 provides centralized monitoring, secondary alarming, bi-directional communication of selected settings, and data review, for efficient workflows. It also has a HL7 output to interface to third party EMR or HIS systems.
Easy setup and install for efficia || kba1

Easy setup and install

The Efficia CMS200 includes everything you need (including keyboard, mouse, speaker, and network switch) to attach to your patient monitoring network and get started right away. The easy‑to-understand operation, and the integrated, online help, can help reduce start-up training efforts and get your team up and running fast.
Enhance your alarm management capabil... || kba1

Enhance your alarm management capabilities

The Efficia CMS200 is a secondary alarm device, gathering physiological and technical alarms across the network, providing audible and visual notification, and giving you the option of acknowledging them at the central station. In addition, the Efficia CMS200 can forward monitoring data from the networked monitors to your EMR.
Control the monitor with remote acces... || kba1

Control the monitor with remote access

With the Efficia CMS200 you can initiate certain functions on the monitor from the central station. You can share patient demographics, start or stop NBP measurements, and silence alarms from the central. This allows you to focus on providing productive care for your patients from beyond the bedside.


Waves and numerics
Waves and numerics
Measurements (if available from the bedside monitor)²
  • Heart rate, arrhythmia, 10-lead ECG, ST, respiratory rate, pulse rate, temperature, non-invasive blood pressure, invasive blood pressure, SpO₂, and CO₂, Masimo® SET®, Masimo rainbow® SET, Cardiac Output
Waveforms (if available from the bedside monitor)
  • ECG (I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, V1–V6), respiration, invasive blood pressure, SpO₂, CO₂
  • Audible and visible
Data storage and review
Data storage and review
Graphical and tabular trend data
  • 10 days
Full-disclosure waveforms, including ECG
  • 10 days
NBP measurements with all associated parameters
  • 10 days
Alarm history
  • 10 days
Stored data retrieval
  • Up to 30 days after discharge
Single display capability (user configurable layout)
  • Up to 16-beds simultaneously; up to 8 pages
Dual display capability (user configurable layout)
  • Up to 32-beds simultaneously; up to 8 pages
Printed reports
  • Real time numeric data and waveforms; Tabular trend data; Graphical trend data; NBP trend data; Alarm/event history; Retrospective ECG waveforms; Full disclosure waveforms; Patient window
  • ¹ The Efficia CMS200 works with SureSigns VM patient monitors with software revision A.03.9x and later.
  • ² Not all features are available in all countries. Please check with your Philips representative.
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