ClearVue 850 Diagnostic confidence you can trust

ClearVue 850

Diagnostic confidence you can trust

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Philips ClearVue 850 provides powerful imaging capability, increasing efficiency across your department

High-end features to enhance clinical... || 1

High-end features to enhance clinical confidence: Elastography

Clinical information about tissue stiffness. ClearVue 850 supports highly sensitive strain elastography for breast which can be used to assess relative tissue stiffness.
High resolution blood flow: FloVue || 1

High resolution blood flow: FloVue

Enhanced paradigm of blood flow visualization. Using Philips proprietary flow signal processing technologies, this technique provides a complete new paradigm shift in the way blood flow is visualized not only in large vessels but equally on micro vessels.
Visualization and quantification enha... || 1

Visualization and quantification enhancing workflow: QLAB Plug-in

On-cart advanced quantification tools GI 3DQ. Provides tools for viewing and measuring different planes of a 3D volume
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