Pinnacle³ Treatment Planning

Pinnacle³ w/Tumor LOC: Integrated scanning & planning

Powered by Pinnacle³ 14, Tumor LOC 4.2 is the first step in workflow integration between Philips Bri

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It’s Pinnacle³, but not as we know it. Sharing a common patient database with Pinnacle³, Tumor LOC 4.2 is designed to simplify and accelerate patient marking and CT simulation with unique tools and a new, intuitive user interface.

Big Bore and Pinnacle³ Integration || kba1

Big Bore and Pinnacle³ Integration

Pinnacle³ 14 is proud to introduce Tumor LOC v4.2, with enhanced simulation capabilities for the Brilliance CT Big Bore Oncology configuration. Powered by Pinnacle³, this enhanced version of Tumor LOC is enabled with a new user interface providing simulation and contouring tools on the CT console. Both relative and absolute patient marking tools have been combined with CT simulation to improve workflow and increase productivity.
Enhanced simulation capabilities || kba1

Enhanced simulation capabilities

Create intensity projected images from 4D datasets, enable CT-threshold-based auto-contouring, and save time by auto-importing scans directly into Pinnacle³.
Improved daily workflow || kba1

Improved daily workflow

Even those without the Brilliance CT Big Bore can benefit from enhanced features introduced in Pinnacle³ 14. Common functions have been automated for efficiency and standardization, while departments using Philips imaging & planning solutions can simplify workflow and share a common patient database with Pinnacle³. Pinnacle³ 14 is compatible with 810X and newer platforms. Tumor LOC requires Expert, PRO or SE.
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