Tracking meaningful information from injury to recovery

Imagine the kind of healthcare you could deliver if you had connected patient data from the point-of-injury all the way to discharge.

You could have data follow wounded soldiers from pre-hospital to hospital. Even as early as the point-of-injury, vital signs could be sent ahead during transport in varied environments and local conditions. You could be prepared for treatment before the patient arrives at the hospital.

And once in the hospital, records could be available from department to department, across the organization—even across multi-vendor devices and clinical systems.

It’s important to know the full history of your patients to deliver the best care. We have interoperable solutions that can give you that vital information.


Learn more about our solutions to help care providers in the military.


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Smart, available clinical information

Patient Monitoring

Connecting imaging, monitoring, PACS, and EMR  

“There’s a fallacy in the IS community that what we do is provide technology,” says Russ Branzell, Poudre Valley Health System Chief Information Officer. “But our real value is in removing IS complexity so that clinicians can spend more time in the care process.”

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Emergency medical team caring for a patient.

Like EMS professionals, you can capture, convey, display, and manage clinical data from the POI. Transmit ahead so medical staff is better prepared for the arrival of the soldier.


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Sentara Healthcare used interoperable solutions in their hybrid OR, eICU, EMR, EMS, and wireless patient monitoring to leverage their healthcare providers and provide better patient care.
Using EMS best practices, you can streamline your MEDEVAC/CASEVAC workflow by simplifying downloading tasks and organizing event summaries.

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Data sharing throughout the hospital

Sharing data from devices at the soldier’s bedside to the enterprise-wide EHR is a cornerstone to quality patient care, efficient workflow, and clinical decision support.

Philips IntelliBridge Enterprise provides you a single, standards-based point of interoperability between your Philips clinical systems and your enterprise information. With a consistent, repeatable, and scalable connectivity solutions, you’ll see a number of benefits.

  • Reduced cost from fewer connection points and reduced complexity
  • Standards-based HL7 data exchange to ease multivendor interoperability
  • Simplified workflow to free clinicians to focus on the soldiers and help lead to improved care
  • Compliance with stage 2 meaningful use requirements

“We wanted the information to come from the VS3 and move directly into our interface engine, where we could parse the data and then have it presented to our patient medical record directly. Philips was able to provide that for us.”

Chris Nelson

Technology Manager

Avera Sacred Heart, Yankton, SD


    SureSigns Vital signs monitor

    SureSigns VS4

    • Works with your existing network
    • NBP interval and spot check modes for more flexibility
    • Oversized NBP on/off button for easier readings
    HeartStart MRx Desfibrilhador/monitor

    HeartStart MRx para o hospital

    • Interface com indicadores e botões simples e seleção de modo de funcionamento para encontrar
    • Informações clínicas relevantes: a base dos cuidados ao paciente
    • O indicador pronto a utilizar ativo apresenta claramente o estado

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