Squishon Infant cushion positioning aid


Infant cushion positioning aid

Squishon products provide a soft, pliable cushion to support and cradle a baby’s head and/or body. The rectangular shape allows for head movement while maintaining surface support.

Adjustable design || Soft and supportive

Adjustable design for different needs

For a fuller pillow, the caregiver can push the gel to one side, fold part of the bag underneath and tape.
Soft, breathable material || Soft and supportive

Soft, breathable material to enhance comfort and safety

Squishon products are made from a soft, breathable material and are filled with a non-toxic gel to enhance infant comfort and safety.
Squishon 3 || Soft and supportive

Designed for older preemies and infants.

The slightly thicker outer bag slows the evaporative loss over time and can be used for a longer period of time.
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