IntelliBridge EC10 Medical device interfacing module

IntelliBridge EC10

Medical device interfacing module

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How do you bring together key patient information in care environments from diverse equipment? The IntelliBridge EC10 module consolidates data from bedside devices to display on IntelliVue patient monitors and transmit to clinical and hospital information systems.

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Your link to a comprehensive patient overview

To simplify patient data acquisition our IntelliBridge EC10 interface collects real-time information from up to four medical devices right at the POC. These include ventilators, anesthesia machines, infusion pumps and multi-parameter measurement devices. This information is displayed on Philips IntelliVue patient monitors and can be forwarded to central monitoring, nurse paging, and documentation systems.
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Consolidated information enhances patient management

The IntelliBridge EC10 interface collects physiologic parameters, waveforms, device settings, and alarm data. This data can be displayed on the IntelliVue patient monitor and also forwarded to the central surveillance system for further processing. This can include alarm forwarding to a paging system for ICU nurses or uploading the data into an electronic patient record.
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Compatible with devices from major manufacturers

The IntelliBridge EC10 interfacing solution highlights our commitment to open systems. Hospitals can use Philips patient monitors with devices from a range of major manufacturers. These include MAQUET, Draeger, GE Healthcare, CareFusion, Covidien, Puritan Bennett, Edwards Life Sciences and more.
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