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    Improve clinical, patient and staff experiential, operational and financial outcomes with a tailored suite of Cardiology solutions. 

    Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of deaths worldwide.  Around 7.4m of the UK population lives with heart and circulatory disease; an estimated £19 billion is invested by the United Kingdom for cardiovascular disease each year.1  ​

    With an increasing multi-morbid population, coupled with resource constraints and a digital revolution, Philips support healthcare providers meet clinical, patient and staff experiential, operational and financial objectives through providing access to a range of Strategic Partnership solutions designed to meet the various Cardiology challenges and deliver value based healthcare.

    Ruben Olivier

    Ruben Olivier, Cardiology Solutions Lead discusses how Cardiology Strategic Partnerships & Solutions provide platforms to drive transformation.


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    Philips Cardiology solutions:

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    Philips Cardiology solutions:

    Click boxes below for more information

    Seamlessly connecting people, technology and data  across the cardiovascular care continuum

    Continuidade de cuidados cardiovasculares
    Assistência ao paciente

    Innovative Patient Care

    Partnering to support healthcare providers with ambitions to lead in innovation, through facilitating access to:​


    • Cutting-edge technologies and AI​
    • Latest medical devices and systems
    • Research​
    • Loyalty programmes​
    • Technology upgrades including hardware and software release previews

    Gestão de informação

    Intelligent Information Management

    Partnering to optimise end-to-end cardiovascular journeys with AI supported predictive algorithms and descriptive analytics, through:​


    • ​Consolidating fragmented data and medical technologies​
    • Delivering quantitative data driven decision making​
    • Developing strategic IT roadmaps

    Engenharia financeira

    Financial Engineering

    Partnering to design flexible financial engineering investment plans which provide cost predictability and certainty.​

    Philips integrated approach delivers lower total cost of ownership and predictable payment structures which enable customers to improve patient experiences and lower cost of care.​

    Financial engineering solutions include:

    • Performance-based solutions​
    • Configured Solutions​
    • Tailored Solutions

    Or more traditional​

    Eficiência do fluxo de trabalho

    Professional Design and Workflow Efficiency

    Partnering with healthcare providers to transform Cardiology services through assessing equipment needs, improving patient and staff satisfaction and designing cutting-edge facilities.​

    Philips in-house facility planning and design department work in partnership to provide:​


    • ​Clinical service modelling​
    • Hospital infrastructure planning​
    • Strategic design​
    • Education and Training

    Centros de tratamento comunitário

    Community Treatment Centres​​


    Community Treatment Centres, office-based labs (OBL) or ambulatory surgery centres (ASC), have the ability to transfer  routine procedures out of hospital.

    Why partner with Philips?

    With a global history of developing successful strategic partnerships, Philips continuously evolve their extensive Cardiology solution portfolio to drive positive outcomes across the entire Cardiology patient journey and health continuum.  ​

    Leveraging an extensive global cardiovascular network, Philips delivers complete datasets and clinical evidence across all cardiac service line assets, supporting intelligent data-driven decision making and enabling improvements to clinical procedure workflow and performance.​​

    Working alongside partners, Philips co-designs and embeds tailored programs which optimise lab utilisation and drive improvements to procedural workflow.  ​

    Partnering on transformation of Cardiology services, we deliver:​


    • Innovative Patient Care 
    • Intelligent information management​
    • Financial engineering 
    • Professional design and workflow efficiencies​

    Our solutions empower our customers to drive improved clinical, patient and staff experiential, operational and financial outcomes.

    Elevate clinical performance

    Ícone de desempenho clínico

    We help you to optimize your frontline cardiac care while reducing your operational burden

    Boost operational efficiency

    Ícone de eficiência operacional

    We help you drive operational excellence while maintaining acceptable flexibility

    Deliver data-driven change

    Ícone de mudança baseada em dados

    We help you to get meaningful insights with limited effort, to drive change

    Strategise for long-term success

    Ícone de sucesso a longo prazo

    We help you to drive your mid and long term direciton while ensuring daily management

    Hospitals around the globe are partnering with Philips:

    Video Case study

    Leeds Teaching Hospitals

    Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust & Philips Managed Service partnership

    Delivering excellence in cardiac care

    The Future of Cardiology articles:

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    Exploring the short-term horizons and barriers for innovation across cardiac care

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    Exploring the medium-term horizons and barriers for innovation across cardiac care

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    Exploring the longer-term horizons and barriers for innovation across cardiac care

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